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Irrespective of your sexual preferences, you are an erotic being and there is so much pleasure available for you. Making peace with your sexuality will help you accept who you are and this will reflect in all areas of your life. If you identify yourself as asexual, but you are curious, you can get educated on relationships and sexuality.

ECSTATIC BEING coaching program is intended to help you heal and expand your sexuality so you can experience full body orgasms, satisfy any partner and create the relationship(s) you want.


This life changing program is created for LGBTQ+ community members who want to be in healthy and loving relationship(s), enjoy amazing sex and experience multiple orgasms. 

If you have challenges with:

  • ​​Accepting your uniqueness and sexuality

  • Feeling confident enough in yourself as a lover

  • Having orgasms and feeling pleasure

  • Knowing exactly how to sexually satisfy a partner

  • Finding a partner you like

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or you simply want to:

  • Become more confident in yourself (in and out of the bedroom)

  • Create the best sex life for yourself and your partner(s)

  • Become an even better lover and feel more pleasure

  • Discover more about relationships, sex and eroticism

  • Become a high-quality partner and a skillful lover

  • Attract the type of partner you want to be in a relationship with

  • Build and maintain a loving and passionate partnership 

  • Have an incredible sex life because you love sex

​... then this coaching program is for you!

Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can choose to embark on a shorter or longer relationship and sexual transformational journey.

During our one-to-one sessions we will work on your specific problems and desires and we will also have a clear framework created to transform you into an Ecstatic Being.


  • Discover what turns you on and how you can feel more pleasure and ecstasy

  • Know how to turn on and satisfy any partner

  • Discover your sexual superpowers and how to use them (each person has at least one sexual superpower)

  • Achieve sexual arousal with no fantasy or visual stimulation

  • Become a more confident person and skilled lover

  • Learn how to feed yourself and your partner’s sexual satisfaction 

  • Uncover how sexual arousal and satisfaction works for other people so you can give greater pleasure to the person you are dating or future partner

  • Discover your sexual typology and understand your specific sexual design

  • Get the language and touch skills you need to have your needs and fantasies fulfilled

  • Know how to speak and move so you become a highly attractive individual

  • Heal your sexual shadows so you step more fully into your genuine sexuality

  • Expand your sexuality so you have more sexual variety, fun and freedom alone or with a partner

  • Experience a wide range of pleasure, including full-body energetic orgasms

  • Get the advanced sex skills and techniques you need to give multiple orgasms to yourself or to your partner(s)

  • Become educated in kink and start playing as a Dom, Sub or both

  • Learn tantric practices and create a powerful sexual and soul connection with your partner

  • Know how to generate more intimacy, attraction and passion

  • Have the knowledge and the capacity to create the relationship you want

Are you ready to become a highly orgasmic being and an amazing partner?

In order to be compatible with me and

my style of working you need to:

  • Accept that you are the creator of your life

  • Be willing to learn new things, accept different perspectives and grow as human being

  • Be open to being coached and confronting your challenges

  • Want to become the best partner and lover you can be

  • Don’t let other people's judgements get in the way of creating an extraordinary love and sex life

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