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MY Why

We live in a world that needs conscious relationships and sexuality. There are too many manipulations, misconducts, abuses, as well as a huge lack of love, pleasure and satisfaction.

Sex is ostracized and put in the corner as if it were something bad. However, sexual energy is life energy, the force and the creativity of the universe that flow through our bodies. It depends on every person how they use it. Just like fire, we can use our energy to create something beautiful or to destroy our life or other lives.


A strong and happy partnership doesn’t happen by chance, it needs to be consciously co-created by the two partners. By bringing together the clarity of the mind, the love of the heart and the passion of the sex anyone can build and enjoy a fulfilling and lasting partnership.

As a relationship and erotic coach, my mission is to guide high value men, women and couples create healthy and joyful relationships and enjoy hot passionate lovemaking. 

I am fascinated by relationships and sexuality. That is why I am extremely happy and grateful that I can share with you the wisdom and tools that took years, struggle, tears, orgasms, and tons of resources to acquire.

I am looking forward to inspiring and supporting you with my wild loving energy so you reconnect with your own heart and wild core.

Naughtiness is as important as elegance and kindness.


My self-transformation journey started in 2015 when I was in a severe depression. Everything seemed pointless, I felt I had no purpose in this world and I didn’t want to live anymore. But, one day I had a thought:


“What if I can actually live the life that I’ve always imagined?”.


That thought gave me the power and trust necessary to believe that it is actually possible to be and have everything I wanted. So, I started my biggest project: creating the life of my dreams.

Since then, I have gone through hundreds of hours of personal therapy and coaching (healing, evolution and soul expansion are extremely important to me) and thousands of hours of personal development (meditation, experiential workshops, reading, courses, trainings, certifications). I have been learning and getting inspiration from the best professionals in their fields.

Besides being a Sex and Relationships Coach, I am also a trained Root Cause Therapist and a Certified Trance Dance and Ecstatic Shaking Facilitator.


I am the living proof that anything is possible. All you need is to know what you want and to do the work. As your guide, I will walk besides you on your own journey and use my knowledge, expertise, experience, energy and soul to empower you.


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My Values


I understand the sensitive nature of this work, so I am committed to creating a safe and secure space for you to share your deepest challenges and desires, so that you heal your emotional wounds and you create the life of your dreams.


For you to get what you desire, I will guide you to the depths of your being in a safe and playful way. In our sessions, you will benefit from both wisdom and joy. This way, you will bring these energies more in your day-to-day life.

Create a life where love, pleasure and happiness are the norm!

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