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become the best partner and lover and be respected and admired by your queen


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Exude Confidence And Power By Leading With Your Masculine Energy

"THE KING" coaching program is created for the determined man who wants not only to be an admired leader in society and rule his own empire, but also to build a lifelong relationship with a feminine woman.


You will get the know-how and the skills to build a successful life and a loving passionate relationship.

A transformational 1:1 coaching program created for single man who wants to be in a loving and passionate relationship and become the most skillful lover he can possibly be. 

This program is for you if:

  • You have a successful career, but you’re still single

  • You are confused by women and what they want, and you want to understand them and make them happy

  • You want a long-term relationship with a feminine woman

  • You are tired of drama queens and bossy women, and you want a woman who brings peace and joy into your life

  • Your kindness was seen as weakness by your ex-es and now you are reluctant to loving again

  • You want to have amazing sex and a deep connection with the woman of your dreams

  • You want to experience true love and full-body pleasure in your future relationship

  • You’re sometimes anxious before dates because you fear she will reject you

  • You have built a good life for yourself and you’re pretty happy, however you feel something is missing

  • You want to enjoy life with a passionate and loving woman

  • You want to come home to a loving family


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or you simply want to:

  • Fully embody your masculine energy so you become more successful in the world and more respected and appreciated in your future marriage

  • Understand the feminine - masculine polarity so you feel more empowered in your relationship

  • Last longer in bed and make her scream with pleasure (every time)

  • Delay ejaculation and experience full-body orgasms yourself

  • Become more bold and confident in yourself (in and out of the bedroom)

  • Get educated into tantra and BDSM so you create the best sex life for yourself and your partner

  • Connect deeper to your sexuality and express yourself as a sexual being in a healthy, fun and confident way

  • Embody your inner leader so you guide your business and your future family towards peace and abundance

  • Get the know-how and the skills to build and maintain a loving and passionate partnership 

  • Have an incredible sex life because you love sex

​... then this coaching program is for you!

Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can choose to embark on a shorter or longer relationship and sexual transformational journey.

During our one-to-one sessions we will work on your specific problems and goals and we will also have a clear framework created to transform you into THE KING.


Free Download the


Embodiment Practices

and create the life and relationship you desire.

Stop being the ‘nice guy’, become THE KING!

  • Women respect and appreciate kings

  • Women admire kings

  • Women love kings

  • Women desire kings

  • Women are turned on by kings

  • Women want to fuck and marry kings

  • Kings rule with love and fierceness

  • Kings lead their family and people towards prosperity and happiness

  • Kings are kind, bold and fierce

  • Kings are powerful and achieve their dreams

  • Kings build a robust and thriving kingdom

  • Kings have vision and purpose

  • Kings are driven and focused

  • Kings have strong values and life principles

  • Kings go after what they want and get it

  • Kings live up to their full potential

Create robustness in your psyche and embodiment so you become the pillar of strength for your family and community.

Harness your masculine energy to maximize your happiness and reclaim your place as the head of household and the leader you were born to be.

Balance the light and dark masculine energies so you become the loving provider, the fierce protector and the amazing lover she needs and desires.

Imagine becoming your most powerful, capable, competent, self-confident, driven, focused and wisest self.

How would your life look like? What kind of relationship would you be in? Where would you be in your career,? How much more money would you make? What would be your status?

All these can be achieved by learning new tools, discovering more of who you really are and embodying new skills. 

Become your own master and build the life of your dreams!


  • Activate your Warrior energy (“no one fucks around with me!”) and use it to get what you want in life and in love (become totally fuckable in the bedroom and unfuckwithable in the world)

  • Embody your King energy so you rule your life, your career and become the head of your future family

  • Embody your Sage energy by listening to your intuition and inner wisdom so you make the best decisions for yourself both in your career and your romantic life

  • Step fully into your masculine power and become even more strong and powerful

  • Understand the feminine-masculine polarity in a relationship so you feel as ‘the man’ and she feels as ‘the woman’ (bonus: this is the secret to having amazing sex for the rest of your life)

  • Become the most amazing lover she’s ever had (make her scream in bed) and enjoy more pleasure yourself (men can have multiple orgasms, too!)

  • Integrate your ‘bad boy’ energy so you lead with honesty and fierceness

  • Integrate your ‘nice guy’ energy so you get more of what you want with integrity (and stop being perceived as ‘nice’)

  • Integrate your feminine energy (men have feminine energy, too) so you become more relaxed and enjoy more pleasure

  • Become a Warrior King man who is respected and admired by women and people

  • Understand what women want and need and learn how to provide that without losing yourself or being taken advantage of

  • Get clear on what you really want and need in a wife and how to find her

  • Feel relaxed, composed and in charge before and during dates

  • Heal the root cause in you that causes shaky self-confidence and fear of rejection, so you create a healthy loving relationship and achieve what you want in your life (bonus: make more money by activating your courage, focus and tenacity)

  • Meet women who desire and appreciate you and what you have to offer

  • Feel confident to be yourself on dates and feel good about yourself irrespective of the outcome (not getting a second date is not a failure, it’s a success in avoiding a person who is not the right fit for you)

  • Get the skills and knowledge to create a robust and happy family

  • Feel more fulfilled and empowered in your love life

Are you ready to become the kind hero who gets what he wants both in life and love?


This is a 1:1 coaching program in which we will focus on achieving:

  • Mindset and Emotional Harmony – learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to create your desired reality and your dream relationship (bonus: heal your past so you create a better future)

  • Integrated Masculinity – become the best and most powerful version of yourself by embodying your King Warrior Sage Lover archetypes (bonus: become respected by other men and admired by women)

  • Relationships and Sexual Mastery – become the best partner and lover ever (bonus: enjoy more pleasure yourself)

  • Successful Actions – date from a place of clarity and high self-confidence and get the woman you want (bonus: apply the same principles in your career and make more money)

Please note that I work best with high-achieving men who are committed to becoming the best men, husbands and lovers they can be. Also, I prefer to coach men who have previously done inner work and value fast results. As a coach, I value more efficiency and results than comfort and sympathy, so I work best with go-getter men who want to see their blind spots and work on them so they get results faster.


THE KING coaching package includes:


  • 12 x 90-minute sessions in which we will focus on your specific challenges and goals. We will go deep into your psyche to heal the blockages that stop you from finding the best woman for you, while also revealing your strongest desires and focusing on turning them into reality.

  • Lifetime access to a powerful conscious sexuality course and community. We will use this course in our work together and you can also use it once we complete our work. You get lifetime access to hundreds of hours of content and monthly live group coaching sessions. This can be yours and your future partner's ongoing education in pleasure, connection, intimacy and sexuality.

  • 8 x 20-minute coaching sessions which you can use in-between or after you complete the 12 sessions.

  • Investment: Your financial investment is 5,000 EURO and you can pay in 3 installments.


Vlad M.

Firstly, I would like to say that for me it has been absolutely an amazing experience, as it was my first time when I managed to meditate, go in my subconscious, in my mind, in my desires and feel the parts of my body, differently, more individually.

Under Adina’s guidance, I was able to go into my past, to live my past again, but also, I was able to sort out the things that were left unfinished by me, years and years ago. With her help, kindness and knowledge I could overcome and accept them as part of my life, thing that wouldn't have been possible without her help.

I am so grateful that I learned how to accept my ‘bad’ and really powerful part of me (my power animal - “the angry bear”), that I discovered how this part of me can motivate and help me in my life, how it can give me more ambition, more power and more dedication to reach my life goals. I’ve never imagined this would be possible as I always thought that it is my worst side that needs to be locked and never showed to the world as it was the heartless part of me, that can't feel any love, feeling and warm, but under Adina’s guidance I made peace with it and, at the same time, I started using it in an effective way in my day to day life!

Regarding my sexuality, I must say wow... the practices made me feel so different and so complete, as I never thought that through breathing exercises and meditation you can feel so much better, and you can connect so much with your body, pleasure, and desires, so I was really impressed as I managed to feel the pleasure and at the same time expand it in my whole body, thing that I never experienced before to be honest.

I must say that I will gladly recommend to all men to start doing these practices as they help a lot to connect with yourself, to feel more pleasure to understand more your body, to feel more happiness and the most important to surrender to the pleasure and to the orgasm, as for me personally it was amazing and a great achievement!

Adina, you as a person and as a coach, are absolutely amazing, and the way that you support your clients is so helpful as it is so easy to trust you, to listen to you, to talk to you. You are so gifted and experienced in what you are doing, and at the same time you are passionate and certainly you love helping people and helping them to overcome their traumas, fear or problems so this is a skill that can't be learned, I believe this is a skill you get born with, as I'm sure you were!

As a conclusion of all the above statements, I can truly say that I can recommend you 100% to anyone who wants to achieve their goals regarding sexuality and relationships, as I'm sure you are one of the best coaches that can attend, guide, and teach!

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