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You live your life the same way you have sex. How do you really want to love and live?


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Great sex is not serious, let your bedroom (and why not the whole planet) become your playground. Learn how to create a safe, sensual and naughty place where both of you can connect, explore, have fun, discover new things and go wild. 
Imagine having sex with your partner from a place of love, respect, adoration, desire and passion.

What would the two of you experience? How would you feel? 

Life is too short for boring sex. Take action and start the next big project of your life: a sex life filled with new tools and techniques, sensual touches, excitement, mischievous play, lust and amazing orgasms.


ecstatic couple

A life changing coaching program created for couples who want to create a beautiful relationship, enjoy amazing sex and have multiple orgasms.

This program is a great fit for you if you want to:

  • Have better sex and enjoy more orgasms

  • Have better communication about sex, fantasy, desires and boundaries

  • Know how to talk with your partner about what you really want

  • Discover and experience more about relationships, sex and eroticism

  • Bring sensuality and kink into your bedroom

  • Explore tantric practices and expand your consciousness

  • Become happier partners and lovers

  • Build a more loving and passionate relationship


OR if one or both of you has challenges like:

  • Can’t get aroused

  • Can’t orgasm

  • Doesn’t feel sexually satisfied

  • Can’t sustain sexual arousal for long

  • Needs more sex than the other and this creates frustration

  • Is not able to feel pleasure during sex

  • Feels pressured to have sex

  • Feels judged for his/her sexual desires 

  • Is frustrated because he/she doesn’t feel loved, appreciated and understood

  • The passion has faded away and you transformed into roommates

  • You have sex once in a blue moon or you stopped having sex years ago

​... then this coaching program is for you!

Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can choose to embark on a shorter or longer relationship and sexual transformational journey.


During our one-to-one sessions we will work on your specific problems and desires and we will also have a clear framework created to transform you into an Ecstatic Couple.


Free Download my guide

"How to Fight Effectively and Manage Conflicts in Your Relationship"

and discover how to fight less and

use conflicts to create a deeper connection.

These are some of the situations many relationships find themselves in: 

“I miss the sex from the beginning of our relationship… We used to do it every day and it was so good.

But now he hardly touch each other. We still love each other, but we don’t crave for one another anymore. And that makes me sad.”

“Most of the times I try to have sex with my wife she refuses me and when we have sex, she is not very into it… I don’t know if she is having sex with someone else, if she doesn’t like having sex with me, or if she doesn’t like sex at all.

I am very frustrated because I love sex and I love her.”

Irrespective if these stories are more or less similar to your situation, know that there are solutions that can help you individually and as a couple to create the sex life you want. 


No matter if your relationship has just started or you’ve been together for many years, sexual satisfaction is an important aspect for many people. Being able to feel pleasure and to induce pleasure on your partner is one of the main ingredients of a thriving relationship. Give yourselves the gift of an amazing partnership and sex life.

Here are some of the things you will experience in “Ecstatic Couple” program:

  • Find out how to turn each other on and how to feel more pleasure 

  • Understand how each of you is erotically wired and how you can ‘feed’ yourselves sexually

  • Discover what to do so both of you feel sexually satisfied

  • Learn how each of you feels loved and how to speak your partner’s love language 

  • Discover your sexual typology and understand your specific sexual design

  • Become fluent in all sex and love ‘languages’

  • Uncover how to offer each other more pleasure and orgasms

  • Get the language and touch skills you need to have your needs and fantasies fulfilled

  • Release shame and heal your sexual shadows so you step more fully into your genuine sexuality

  • Learn how to talk and move in order to feel more aroused and get your needs met 

  • Expand your sexuality and enjoy more sexual variety, fun and freedom in and out of your bedroom

  • Discover how to communicate so both of you feel seen, heard and understood

  • Get the advanced sex skills and techniques for both of you to enjoy multiple orgasms

  • Become educated in kink and start playing as a Dom, Sub or both

  • Learn tantric practices and create a powerful sexual and soul connection with your partner

  • Create a stronger connection and a more erotic relationship

Although this program is focused on eroticism and sexuality, I will also give you powerful tools to:

  • Manage conflicts and create emotional connection

  • Build and maintain trust, attraction, passion and love

  • Establish a relationship culture 

Are you ready to create a loving and passionate relationship?

In order to be compatible with me and

my style of working you need to:

  • Accept that you are the creators of your lives

  • Be willing to learn new things, accept different perspectives and grow as human beings

  • Be open to being coached and confronting your challenges

  • Want to become the best partners and lovers you can be

  • Don’t let your egos get in the way of creating an extraordinary love and sex life

*This program is available on an application base only. Please fill out the below fields and we will schedule a free session to discuss your challenges and objectives and assess if we can work together. 

**The submitted information is confidential. 

Thank you for submitting!

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