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your pleasure is your responsibility


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This life changing program is created for single women who want to be in a healthy and loving relationship, enjoy amazing sex and have a positive impact in the world. 


Eroticism is the bridge between love and sex. Often, we experience these three forces - love, eros and sex -  completely separately and only in an ideal case do all these energies blend harmoniously. 

EROTIC GODDESS coaching program is intended to help you heal, expand and bring together these powerful energies so you can indulge in the life, partnership and orgasms you dream of.



Step into your erotic power and create the life you envision for yourself. The more connected you are with your true self and with your genuine sexuality the more confident, attractive and successful you will be.


If you have challenges with:

  • Loving and accepting yourself

  • Getting aroused, having orgasms or experiencing pain during sex

  • Enjoying sex

  • Shame to express yourself (in and out of the bedroom)

  • Thinking you are not good enough 

  • Feeling fully satisfied when you make love

  • Believing you are too ‘high maintenance’ 

  • Hating your body or parts of your body

  • Feeling feminine, sensual or beautiful

  • Attracting the best partner for you

  • Committing to a partner

  • Being codependent to a partner

  • Making money and enjoying it


or you simply want to:

  • Unleash the wild woman inside you

  • Reveal your feminine and sensual energy

  • Become highly orgasmic and very skilled in the art of love and sex

  • Expand yourself as an erotic being, increase your consciousness and live life fully

  • Learn more about conscious partnerships, sexuality and eroticism

  • Enjoy even more love, pleasure and orgasms

  • Become super magnetic and attract a high value partner

  • Get the knowledge and skills you need to build a long-term partnership and sexually satisfy yourself and your future partner

  • Have shameless sex and create a soul-based romantic partnership

  • Manifest anything you want in your life by mastering the infinite creative force called sexual energy

  • Have a powerful positive impact in the world

​... then this coaching program is for you!

Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can choose to embark on a shorter or longer relationship and sexual transformation journey.

During our one-to-one sessions we will work on your specific problems and desires and we will also have a clear framework created to transform you into an Erotic Goddess.


Free Download the

“Guide for Conscious Dating”

and create the partnership you desire.

“But, Adina, I am single. It makes no sense to do this if I don’t have a partner.”
I hear you, I used to think the same way. 

You are an erotic being no matter if you are in a relationship or not. Your sexuality is about your relationship with yourself, you don’t need a partner to play and enjoy yourself. And by taking ownership of your pleasure you will feel more alive and enjoy life fully. Also, you will connect with yourself on a much deeper level, you will be more creative and inspired and you will become greatly confident in yourself.  

I will guide you in cultivating qualities such as empathy, sweetness, sensitivity, supportiveness, vulnerability as well as freedom, wildness, authenticity, determination and interdependence.

This way you will become a woman who doesn’t enter a relationship because she needs a partner, but because she is overflowing with vitality, joy, love, ecstasy and wants to share them with a high quality partner. For this, I will also give you powerful tools to create emotional connection, manage conflict, establish a relationship culture. Together we will work on you building the skills to create and maintain trust, commitment, attraction, passion and love in your next relationship.

Sexual energy is life energy. Imagine what you can create in your life when you tap into the infinite force of life, when you become so fearless, vibrant, wild, loving and blissful that you simply attract people, experiences, things without having to work so hard for them. This is the power of an erotic goddess!


  • Become a more confident woman and skilled mistress

  • Release shame and heal your sexual shadows so you step more fully into your genuine sexuality

  • Know how to generate more intimacy, attraction and passion

  • Have the knowledge and the capacity to create a loving and passionate partnership

  • Learn how to use your feminine energy to manifest your desires

  • Know your sexual superpowers and how to use them in and out of the bedroom

  • Discover what turns you on and how you can feel more pleasure and ecstasy

  • Know how to turn on and sexually satisfy any partner 

  • Discover your sexual typology and understand your specific sexual design

  • Get the language and touch skills you need to have your needs and fantasies fulfilled

  • Learn how to speak and move so you connect with the wild woman inside you

  • Expand your sexuality so you have more sexual variety, fun and freedom alone or with a partner

  • Become fluent in all sex and love ‘languages’

  • Enjoy ecstatic sex with any partner 

  • Get the advanced sex skills and techniques you need to give multiple orgasms to yourself or to your partner

  • Become educated in kink and start playing as a Dom, Sub or both

  • Learn tantric practices and create a powerful sexual and soul connection with your partner

  • Discover how to use your life energy to create abundance and success

Are you ready to become a magnetic woman and an irresistible mistress?

In order to be compatible with me and

my style of working you need to:

  • Accept that you are the creator of your life

  • Be willing to learn new things, accept different perspectives and grow as a human being

  • Be open to being coached and to confronting your challenges

  • Want to become the best partner and mistress you can be

  • Don’t let other people’s judgements get in the way of creating an extraordinary love and sex life

  • Be committed to doing the fun work that is required to get the results you want

*This program is available on an application base only. Please fill out the below fields and we will schedule a free session to discuss your challenges and objectives and assess if we can work together. 

**The submitted information is confidential. 

Thank you for submitting!

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