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I Want to Stay with You Forever!

“I want to stay with you forever” – I keep hearing this in various contexts, from different people, even in the lyrics of some songs.

You might have heard it yourself, and you might have even uttered it, but do you really know what “forever” even means? And I am not referring to the definition in the dictionary, I am referring to its energetic meaning.

When it comes to relationships with other people, especially romantic partnerships, saying “I want to be with you forever” (or its variants: “I will never let you go”, “I will always love you”, “I will never be with anyone else but you” etc.), and really meaning it will create an “order” which the universe may deliver (many lifetimes).

Human perspective is rather limited, but it is in the nature of the soul to have various experiences, because that is how it expands. How many experiences can you have if you only share your infinite lives with one soul? 

So, give some conscious thought to what makes you say “I want to stay with you forever”, or even worse, “I will be with you forever”, which is, in fact, a promise you make to another soul which can bound you to it for… well, forever. 

Are you saying those words out of fear? Or is it guilt? Or is it because that is what you think is normal, as in dictated by social norms? Or why is it? What are the reasons for which you want to be with that person forever? Is it maybe that forever means to you until your death?

OK, but take into consideration that only the body dies, and that the soul is eternal. And you are not only body and mind, you are a soul that experiences a human life.

If you have been in a relationship and you can’t stop thinking about that person although it has been years since the partnership ended, or if it is difficult for you to find another partner, then take into consideration that one of the reasons why these things are happening might be because at a certain point in your interaction (and when I say this I am referring to your interaction as souls that have multiple existences on this planet or on others) you requested or promised a “forever” partnership with that soul.

And because you really believed in it, meaning your thought, emotion and action were aligned and consistent with each other, then that is what the universe delivered. Fortunately, there are solutions. There are therapies that can help you consciously undo what you unconsciously did.  

Instead of using words like “forever”, “until the end of time”, “all my life”, “bound for life”, try using formulations such as, “I will be in this relationship for as long as I desire”, “I will be in this relationship for as long as it is beneficial for me”, “I will be in this relationship for as long as I consciously choose to be”. These may not sound very sexy or romantic, but they are safer, and more appropriate. Also, don’t forget that your partner has their own say in the duration of a relationship, so your “forever” might not be something they desire.

Why do this?

Words carry energy and they are important tools in the process of creating our lives. We communicate with God/the Buddha/the Universe/ the Creative Force (whatever you resonate with) through the words we use. What we ask it for something, that is what we get, just as if we were ordering at a restaurant.

You might say, ‘But I don’t always get what I ask for!’. Yes, that is because you also get what you do not want. And one of the reasons why this happens is because you may say something, but feel and think the exact opposite. For example, you may say, ‘I want to be in a relationship’, but your subconscious thoughts and beliefs may say, ‘I don’t deserve a relationship’/ ’I am not worthy of love’/ ‘No one could ever love me’.

Also, the universe doesn’t understand the word “no”, so when you say, ‘I do not want X!’, what “it” hears is, “I do want X!”, so that is what it gives you. To change this, simply talk using positive formulations and add “without” to express what you do not want. For example: “I want to be in a relationship with a kind partner, without drama.”

Be mindful about how you use your words and what kind of words you choose, as you literally create what you speak.


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