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Why Your Size Doesn’t Matter (That Much)

Because of the porn industry, most men believe that women want to be penetrated by a big penis, and that you need to have a long and thick penis in order to sexually satisfy a woman. While this may apply to some women, to most women the size of your penis is not the most important thing,and here is why:

1. To many women foreplay is more important than penetration 

Most women need foreplay because they have more feminine energy, and feminine energy is like water:

it needs more time, touch, and attention to reach the “boiling point”, a.k.a. orgasm. Masculine energy, on the other hand, is like fire, meaning it can ignite very quickly, but it can also burn out pretty quickly if it is not sustained (this is a challenge some men face because they don’t know how to manage their sexual energy,

but this can be trained). Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy (fire and water), but depending on their energetic structure, amounts may vary from one person to another.

If you know how to arouse her whole body, kissing and touching her for 15-20 minutes before penetrating her will help her have orgasm much faster. This means that the more warmed up she is, the faster she will reach an orgasm when you penetrate her. And not only this, but she will have a whole-body orgasm, instead of just a genital climax. 

2. Many women have orgasm only if their clitoris is stimulated

The clitoris is the only organ whose sole purpose is pleasure. Learning how to play with it will turn you into a sex god. I know it may sound strange, but the clitoris is like your penis (on a cellular level, they are even made of the same type of cells): it is very sensitive, it gets bigger when it receives touch and it provides a lot of pleasure. 

To play with your partner’s clitoris, you can use your hands (make sure to use some bio oil – coconut, almond, avocado are good options – or some lube; there is a huge difference in pleasure between touching with your bare fingers and using an oil), your lips and tongue, your penis, or even some toys. 

You can stimulate her clitoris before penetrating her, and even during penetration. Each woman likes her clitoris to be touched in a different way, so you can ask her how she likes it, or you can try various touches (circles, left-right, up-down, tapping) and ask her what gives her more pleasure. Also, pay attention to the speed and force applied, as some women like it faster and stronger, whereas others like it slower and lighter. Pay attention to her body signals to see what she enjoys.

3. G-spot: The Goddess Spot

The g-spot is not an actual spot, but a tube of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethral canal. Because it is composed of erectile tissue, when a woman is not aroused, there is not much to feel. Stimulating the g-spot when she is not aroused will not be very pleasant to her. However, if you applied my suggestions from point 1 and 2, when you start fingering her, you will feel a spongy swelled tube located above the vaginal roof, along the mid-line, behind and under the arch of the pubic bone. To put it more simply, if her vagina were a clock, the clitoris would be located at 12 o'clock. 

Because the g-spot is located within the first 5 centimetres from the entrance to her vagina, it very accessible to any size of penis. Fingers are the best tools for the job of directly stimulating this area, at least for starters (see if she likes it better with one finger or with two). Try a come-here gesture, a windshield wiper motion, rubbing firmly back and forth, making circles. This is one of the most sensitive areas of the vagina, and when you stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time be prepared to watch her screaming with pleasure. 

Now, if you want to become a sex god, there are some things you can do which will cause her to get an orgasm – and you don’t even have to penetrate her. Sounds unreal?

I thought the same until I experienced it, multiple times. Many women can reach orgasm without even being touched, but the crazy thing is that most of them aren’t even aware of it. Imagine how she would react if you helped her discover this about herself. You would be unforgettable, to say the least. 

If you want to be able to satisfy any woman, irrespective of your size, and also become a highly orgasmic man, then take action today and apply to my Pleasure Warrior coaching program.


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