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Embody and Create from Your Feminine Energy

"THE QUEEN" coaching program is created for courageous women who want not only to rule their own life and empire, but also to create a happy lifelong marriage with a masculine man.


You will get the know-how and the skills to build a successful life and a loving committed relationship.


A transformational 1:1 coaching program created for the single woman who wants to be in a loving and passionate relationship and build the life of her dreams.


This program is for you if:

  • You have a successful career, but you’re still single

  • You slay dragons at work, but men don’t want to commit to you (they make you their girlfriend, but not their wife)

  • You want to be in a long-term relationship with a masculine man

  • You are tired of wasting your time with players, men who aren’t ready for commitment or the ‘man-child’

  • You want marriage and children (and you feel time is running out)

  • You’re disappointed by men and feel resentful towards your ex-es

  • You’re afraid you will never meet your soulmate and you will be single forever

  • You’re sad to be the last one of your girlfriends who is not in a serious relationship or married

  • Your kindness is seen as weakness, and you feel taken advantage of by men

  • You’re lonely and tired of going on dates with the wrong people

  • You’re tired of watching romcoms hoping one day you will also meet HIM

  • You’re anxious before dates because you fear he won’t like you

  • You overgive then feel resentful because you get too little back

  • You disregard your own needs and desires and put the man’s needs and desires before your own

  • You lose yourself in relationships and put the man first

  • You go above and beyond to prove to him how amazing you are, but he still won’t commit to you

  • You’ve been patiently waiting for years for him to propose, but he seems to have no plan to do so, and you’re frustrated and angry with him


or you simply want to:

  • Unleash the wild woman inside you so you live your life on your own terms (and attract powerful men)

  • Embody your feminine and sensual energy so you love yourself more, feel more beautiful and more sexy (and make men pursue you)

  • Become highly orgasmic and very skilled in the art of love and sex so you feel more pleasure (and have men at your feet)

  • Get the skills to consciously create feminine - masculine polarity in your future marriage so you feel adored and cherished

  • Become super magnetic and attract a high value partner (entice him and allow him to pursue you)

  • Get the knowledge and the skills you need to build a happy long-term partnership with a masculine man

  • Have shameless sex and create a soul-based romantic partnership (your soulmate wants only you)

  • Manifest anything you want in your life by mastering the infinite creative force called sexual energy

  • Have a powerful positive impact in the world and enjoy the best things in life

​... then this coaching program is for you!

Depending on your challenges and objectives, you can choose to embark on a shorter or longer transformation journey.

During our one-to-one sessions we will work on your specific problems and desires and we will also have a clear framework created to transform you into THE GODDESS of your life and         THE QUEEN of his heart.


Free Download the

“MAGNETIC WOMAN” Embodiment Practices

and create life and the marriage you desire.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Stop being the ‘good girl’, become THE QUEEN!


  • Men respect and cherish queens

  • Men love queens

  • Men provide and protect queens

  • Men spoil and worship queens

  • Men go to wars for queens

  • Queens inspire with their love and compassion

  • Queens have clear boundaries and high standards

  • Queens love themselves and put their well-being first

  • Queens are happy and ecstatic

  • Queens birth princesses and princes

  • Queens create the life of their dreams

  • Queens magnetize love, wealth and abundance

Create peace in your mind and pleasure in your body so you become both his muse and his wife.

Surrender to your feminine energy and consciously choose when to be in your masculine energy so you create juicy polarity and a happy harmonious family.

Balance the light and dark feminine energies so you become his loving wife, his hypnotic mistress and the caring mother of his children.

Imagine becoming your most empowered, worthy, wild, loving, feminine, sensual, playful and sexiest self.

What kind of men would you attract? What kind of relationship would you be in?

Imagine becoming your most confident, unapologetic, kind, vibrant and fearless self? How much more ease would you have in your career? How much more money would you make? What new amazing experiences would you be able to enjoy?

This is the power of THE QUEEN!


  • Get clear and own your needs and desires when it comes to men and marriage, so you attract the best man for you and create the family you envision

  • Heal your inner little girl and become an empowered woman (stop reacting to triggers and start creating what you desire)

  • Embody your Queen Energy so you become the sovereign of your life and be respected and pursued by King consciousness men

  • Integrate your Inner Seductress so you bewitch the best man for you (and make him crazy about you!)

  • Feel worthy and deserving of being with the man you desire (and stop self-sabotaging relationships with good men)

  • Activate your Goddess Energy so you get what you want in all the areas of your life with ease and fun

  • Own your boundaries and standards so you repel players and attract Kings (high-quality men want women who love and respect themselves)

  • Make the difference between a fuckboy, a loser and a man who is looking for a wife (stop falling for the looks and consciously choose character and values)

  • Heal your past wounds so you create a brighter happier future (the inner work with ripple in all areas of your life, including health and money)

  • Become more feminine, sexy, magnetic and flirtatious (while also being respected and appreciated)

  • Feel seen and desired for who you are, not only for how you look like (the man for you will want you and only you when you learn how to create emotional connection)

  • Meet quality men who want marriage and family (and who are ready for it)

  • Understand what men want and need and learn how to give that without losing yourself

  • Heal the root cause in you that causes low self-esteem and fear of abandonment, so you create a healthy long-term relationship

Are you ready to become a magnetic irresistible woman?

Become totally loveable and unfuckwithable!

This is a 1:1 coaching program in which we will focus on achieving:

  • Mindset and Emotional Harmony – learn how to use your thoughts and emotions to create your desired reality and your dream relationship (bonus: heal your past so you create a better future)

  • Integrated Femininity – embody your feminine energy and step into your Queen Goddess consciousness to exude both love and power and become more attractive to amazing men (bonus: stop the struggle and welcome ease and fun into your life)

  • Relationships and Erotic Mastery – get the skills to become an empowered wife while also becoming multi-orgasmic (bonus: bring more ease, relaxation and pleasure into your day-to-day life)

  • Successful Actions – date from a place of clarity and high self-worth and get the best man for you to commit to you (bonus: apply the same principles in your career and make more money)

Please note that I work best with high-achieving women who are committed to becoming the best wives and mistresses they can be. Also, I prefer to coach women who have previously done inner work and value fast results. Because I use tough love in my coaching, if you get triggered easily, I won't be the best coach for you. As a coach, I value more efficiency and results than comfort and sympathy, so I work best with go-getter women who want to see their blind spots and work on them so they get results faster.


THE QUEEN coaching package includes:


  • 12 x 90-minute sessions in which we will focus on your specific challenges and desires. We will go deep into your psyche to heal the blockages that stop you from attracting the best man for you, while also revealing your heart's deepest desires and focusing on turning them into reality.

  • Lifetime access to a powerful conscious sexuality course and community. We will use this course in our work together and you can also use it once we complete our work. You get lifetime access to hundreds of hours of content and monthly live group coaching sessions. This can be yours and your future partner's ongoing education in pleasure, connection, intimacy and sexuality.

  • 8 x 20-minute coaching sessions which you can use in-between or after you complete the 12 sessions.

  • Investment: Your financial investment is 5,000 EURO and you can pay in 3 installments.


Delfina E.

The sessions with Adina helped me become more aware more about my power to create and helped me activate more the positive thoughts. I generally have a resistance to positive affirmations, sometimes I find them superficial, and I am used to looking more at my shadow aspects and in one of the sessions I felt a “click” inside of me. Now, I see life with this other perspective, more positive, and with useful thoughts instead of damaging ones. It’s not that now I am full in my positive and fully empowered, but I really felt a change here, it was fun to see life through these other glasses and I didn’t have this resistance to the positive and I really felt it was really good! Ha ha! Like something I achieved, something very deep and subtle in the inside…


Working on the traumatic event from my childhood helped me understand better my parents, my inner child, my needs at that moment, my needs today, and to find more peace with that situation.

Also, it was good for me in the last session when I could be brave to say how I was feeling that day and what I was needing. I had had my regular therapy the day before, and in this day with Adina, I felt that what I was needing was to be in contact with myself in a soft and relaxing way, to get in touch with my pleasure. And this is important for me, to be true to myself instead of trying to fit in what “it’s supposed to be” or hiding this and exposing myself to things I really don’t feel like doing. And it was great because it was a relief for me to express this and also, I think it gave the chance to Adina to be spontaneous and it was really beautiful, with her DJ skills haha and me dancing and giving myself softness and massage…so this was a victory as well! I could receive what I felt I was desiring.


The sessions with Adina were very deep and profound. She has this sweet, fun, joyful way of guiding that is really a pleasure to dive in, and a trustful and safe space. We went really deep in some of the sessions, and I felt it a safe space, where I could trust and feel supported and guided. It was the first time I did these sessions with her, and I realized how fast I felt this space secure, soft, making contact with pleasure as well, and sometimes it was also fun! The tips and exercises she gave me to do were great tools. I feel that what she has to give is a great combination of profound work, softness, pleasure, and a guidance to feel and deepen in the process of transformation, towards a more connected, joyful and empowered life!

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