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Enjoy life,
Love & ecstasy

I am Adina, the relationship and intimacy coach for high performers.


I guide high achievers become totally loveable and unfuckwithable, so they create extraordinary lives and loving ecstatic relationships.

Boost your love and sex life

You are an amazing professional, but what about your personal life?

What if you could have not only an amazing career, but also a soul-based partnership filled with ecstatic sex?

You are in the right place because assisting high performers in creating a vibrant romantic life is my superpower.



Stop people pleasing and putting yourself last and become the woman who inspires the world and whom he loves and adores.

Go from Ms. to Mrs.! Stop being the placeholder girlfriend and become the adored wife. Unleash and integrate your Queen energy so you get the life and the man you deserve!


You are a magnetic and powerful Goddess! You can create anything you set your heart on! You can become cherished and spoiled by your King! It’s time you stopped feeling not beautiful or good enough and safely surrendered to your feminine energy, so you start living as the fascinating and irresistible Empress that you are. 

This life changing program is created for the single high achieving woman who wants to have it all in life: a successful career, money and luxury, spiritual evolution, a positive impact in the world AND a loving marriage filled with soul shattering lovemaking.

Yes, you can have them all!


You've put your career first for many years, now it's time you found your Queen and lived your life to the fullest.

Yes, you can be both: a successful professional and an admired husband!

You are a fearless and strong hero, and you can achieve anything you set your mind on! Prioritize building a solid and happy marriage and focus on becoming the best partner and lover she's ever had.

Use your kindness, brilliance and inner power to meet fun loving women who desire and respect you. Use your King energy to ask women out, show up confidently on dates, discern who the best woman for you is and take her off the market before another man does. Lead with your healthy masculine energy, so you live even more as the powerful and driven King Warrior that you are.

This life changing program is created for the single high achieving man who wants to have it all in life: a successful career, money and status, being the best version of himself, a positive impact in the world AND a loving marriage filled with amazing sex.

Yes, you can have them all!

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Being in a relationship can be challenging as the stress of everyday life can make you forget about taking care of yourselves. It’s time you stopped being disconnected and prioritized your well-being and bliss both as individuals and as a couple. 

Relationships shouldn’t be tedious, but full of life, love, play, joy and ecstasy. A relationship is a living organism and in order to survive and thrive it needs your conscious attention and engagement. 

Love, pleasure and ecstasy are your birth rights and the more you enjoy them the happier and successful you will be.

This life changing program is created for high performers who are in a partnership, but feel that something is missing.

Besides the spiritual evolution, harmonious family, successful career, affluence, leading role in society you can also create a loving relationship AND enjoy ecstatic sex!

Yes, you can have them all!

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I want you to embody your most confident, powerful, ecstatic and happiest self.


That is why I recorded these audio practices which will help you become more relaxed, courageous and vibrant so you create joyful relationships and naughty sex.

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